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Walk Away

but Don't abandon!!!

I know sounds Crazy!!!!!! Right?

Today there are a lot of sites saying walk away from your home. I hear my clients tell me thier friends, family, attorneys and colleagues. Saying "you dont need the headache" or "Just make a fresh start". Well the problem is even if you have gone bankrupt, there are some things you need to know.

1. It can take in NY state 2-3 years to foreclose. You are the owner until then.
2. Keep your insurance on the property till the deed is no longer in your name. If you can't afford it, send a certified letter to your mortgage company, telling them the home has no insurance. They will take out a limited policy to protect them. This "forced" insurance policy will not protect you from liability.
2. Lock the property. You can be sued by your bank for negligence of stolen items and damages.
3. Notify the bank in writing mailed certified that the home is vacant.
4. Have your neighbors watch the home for suspicious behavior.
5. Above all remember the bank is not your friend. Your just an account number to them.

How Can we help? Why is our message different?

We rent your home to very qualified tenants, then manage it. We become thier landlord, they don't have your phone number or contact info. We are here to help you not mug you! We get the first months rent (usaully paid by tenant) and 10% of the rent, plus 50% upon lease renewal.

Leaving your home in this manner can give you:
* Some monthly cash to start your new living situation.
* Keeps your old neighbors from losing more home value.
* Helps protect the banks interest.
* Limit potential personal liability.

Some people feel guilty. They feel like they are getting money for nothing. Its simply not the case. Consider this:

Your bank, until they foreclose cannot legally rent the home. They generally don't turn the power on, or maintain the heating/cooling systems, mow the lawn, plow the driveway, ETC. So the home deteriate's, If you have not done a bankruptcy, they will seek a default judgement between what you owe them and what they liquidate the home for. By renting the home you help maintain the value. If you have done a chapter 7 bankruptcy and something happens after your discharge your responsible. So you need to keep insurance on the home. Should that come out of your pocket or should the property generate a sufficient income to cover that and any necessary repairs?

Yes we make money doing this, and sometimes there are headachs, but do you see whats going on with our economy right now? Help yourself, your neighbors, your bank, our country by NOT just walking away and abandoning your home. You once loved your home enough to sit through a closing, you probably had family parties and many fond memories. Allow us to manage your asset until title reverts to the bank. Walk Away, but don't abandon. It's the responsible thing to do.

What do you have to do? Call Me!!! 845-481-0765. My name is Raymond Zinagle president of RZ Property Management. I'm a lifetime resident of Orange County and a licensed NYS Real Estate agent. This is where I live, and work. I put this program together to help my community. Yes I make money doing this, but thats not my main objective. Don't take my word on it. Google my name, check out my past sales, check with my prior and current clients. Then when your done researching me, I look forward to hearing from you. If you seek advise from friends please make sure they have some knowledge about the business.

Sample Paperwork!!
1. Rental Application, we do a very thorough background check. You might not care who is in YOUR home, but we do. Although you may not be paying the mortgage, you and your property are treated with the same respect and dignity of our other clients.
2. Rental Management Agreement. Please preview our terms. We are here to help not harm
3. National Law Protecting Tenants.
4. Lease. One thing about our leases, we do them in plain language so all parties can understand what they are signing. Please take special note to items 17 and 18.

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